Secure Technology, Exceptional Local Service

T-Scan is not only changing the way retrieval is done. T-Scan is changing the way you experience retrieval.

Our specialized Workers' Compensation retrieval team, based in Burbank California, has the breadth, depth, and expertise to service not only Greater Los Angeles but the entire State of California.  We work closely with third-party administrators, employers, carriers, and applicant offices to ensure a reliable retrieval experience. We have existing, long-standing direct bill agreements with dozens of carriers.  

T-Scan retrieval specialists maintain a deep knowledge of both Federal and State retrieval regulations and confidentiality of client files, data, and records are safeguarded in compliance with DWC regulations.  Our approach to the retrieval process is a sophisticated, process-oriented approach that ensures timely delivery and affordability. Clients are kept informed through our internal software and communication.  We offer customized billing, status reporting, and regular audits on performance metrics, your satisfaction, and preference updates. 


A Lesson From the Professor

California’s labor laws can be a bureaucratic nightmare. Trying to request records in this labyrinth can be exhausting and draw you away from your cases.

That’s where we come in. At T-Scan, our team of experts has over 20 years of experience handling every aspect of Workers Compensation, from document retrievals and deliveries to providing litigation support.




Our Customers 

T-Scan has the expert capabilities and knowledge to produce, retrieve, and serve workers compensation claims for a variety of customers.  

Applicant Attorney

For those representing any injured worker for their Workers' Compensation claim.

Claims Offices

Providing secure, accurate, and timely claims for claims departments. 

Defense Attorneys

For attorneys representing insurance companies or employers against Workers' Compensation claims. 

What We Do

T-Scan streamlines the worker comp record retrieval process, quickly and effectively retrieving records to support claims for applicant or defense attorneys.  

Manage Timely Record Retrieval

Our specialized record retrieval group possesses decades of expertise to efficiently provide accurate records to all relevant parties. 

Conduct Scheduled Request Follow-Up

T-Scan ensures prompt and necessary follow-up contact. 

Provide Secure Delivery

Protected medical information within workers compensation claims are securely procured and delivered to safeguard against malicious outside threats.



microfiche retrieval  

T-Scan Advantages

T-Scan makes the workers compensation medical record retrieval process swift and easy. 

Serving Greater Los Angeles and all of California through our Burbank Office

T-Scan's acquisition of Express Copy Service allows T-Scan to bring their expertise and trusted legacy down to the State of California.

Over 20 Years of Retrieval Expertise

We've evolved into leaders of litigation support and document retrieval, ready to tackle and support your needs.

Accurate, Timely, Secure

We're known for our highly accurate, fast, yet secure, record retrieval process of all types of protected information.


An Expert Process for the Exacting Professional

Simplify your work life.

Place Order

Simply go to Order Records and select the appropriate record type, or email your Account Specialist directly. If you are sending your order by fax or letter, please alert your account specialist.

If you don’t already have a dedicated account specialist, contact T-Scan at, or call 800.285.1507. We will assign for you an Account Specialist.

Collect Records

T‑Scan is proud of our ability to gather public or privately secured records from around the world, across the country, or just down the street.

Deliver Records

Our secure servers keep unwanted eyes out while providing your office secure 24/7 access.

Organize & Store

Records are organized and stored on our secure repository, saving our clients labor and tech costs.

Provide Access

With our repository, you have 24/7, secure access.