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BenchPress powered by Courttrax provides quick access to federal and state court records as well as  information and dockets retrieved exclusively through the clerk's office.  Get court information available on the public domain:

  • Complaints
  • Motions
  • Pleadings
  • Litigation History
  • Dockets
  • Expert Witness Experience History (select courts)
  • Name Searching
  • Name Alerts
  • Case Monitoring

The Easiest Way to Access Court Records. Bar None.

We provide a unique, relevant search and retrieval solution that supports the objective of industry professionals: Paralegals, Attorneys, Legal Secretaries, Claims Adjusters, Investigators and more.


enlist_experts Enlist Experts

  1. Garner the expertise and convenience of a single partner for assistance and billing related your record collection needs.
  2. Utilize national court runner connections for documents exclusively available at courthouse throughout the country.
  3. Inherit over 150 years experience in collecting public records and knowledge all through user-friendly technology.

reduce_costs Reduce Costs

  1. Avoid costly trips or time consuming process of tracking down documents only available through the courts.
  2. Consolidate vendors and suppliers of information into one record partner for ease of communication and administration.
  3. Eliminate storage costs associated produced documents by using our repository.

secure_information Secure Information

  1. Improve accuracy through standardized reports uniformly presenting information from various reporting systems.
  2. Ensure on real-time results from a solution that retrieves data directly from the courts and avoids data warehouses.
  3. Maintain security profile with transactions featuring 128-bit SSL technology.

Our experience with T-Scan the last few months and Johnny has been fantastic. Prompt responses, concise emails and outstanding follow up have defined our experience. 

Thank you for providing such excellent service.

Tina S.
Nurse Consultant, Seattle, WA

Do You Need Public Court Records?

We provide up-to-the minute court record information in federal and state courts.


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What Else Can Build Your Case?


Protected Information

We retrieve HIPAA protected and other confidential records containing personally identifiable and sensitive information.

  • Inject decades of knowledge and experience in collecting records
  • Reduce records costs by up to 70%
  • Scale with your demand to ensure operational integrity
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Social Media Records

Request web and video capture from web pages and social media platforms.

  • Redirect time spent monitoring web content
  • Rest assured that captured content is reliable and admissible
  • Receive a free quote within one business day
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