Make it Powerful. Make it T-Scan.

T-Scan's subpoena unit provides legal departments & law firms an efficient procure process via subpoena while eliminating 99% administrative cost. Our team members are adept working for organizations operating across multiple jurisdictions or assisting when a voluminous demand presents many unique and onerous calendaring and process service issues. The repository is built in conjunction with the titans designers of information technology. T-Scan clients are assure assured their sensitive information is retrieved, secured and available 24/7/365 by experts.


A Lesson From the Professor

With T-Scan, you can leave the disguises and tricks at home.

We know subpoena processing can be a notoriously difficult and time-consuming task. That’s why our subpoena experts take it completely off your plate, letting you focus on clients and cases. We’ll handle all process serving, calendaring, and record retrievals for your teams.

subpoena services  


T-Scan's subpoena unit drafts subpoenas and provides service ensuring records custodians acknowledge and accept service, then, produce documents as quickly as possible.

Enlist Experts

Outsource your process incorporating industry wide best practices.

Reduce Costs

Avoid costly trips or the time consuming process of tracking down runners for documents exclusively available at court houses.

Secure Information

Standardize document templates across departments to increase procurement rates and reducing employee training requirements.


T-Scan maintains and tracks detailed calendaring events. Your firm always knows what is due and when.

Enlist Experts

T-Scan keeps our eyes the calendaring events so you can relax and keep your eyes on the case.

Reduce Costs

Our Subpoena Unit coordinates calendaring data entry with your office.

Secure Information

Avoid missed deadlines and avoid service delays.

  subpoena creation
subpoena retrieval 2  


T-Scan Subpoena experts work in partnership with the client to create, draft, calendar and serve subpoena duces tecums, retrieving records efficiently while reducing client cost and time.

Enlist Experts

Partner with T-Scan's Subpoena unit where our experts sole responsibility is to create, draft and serve subpoenas leaving you time to concentrate on the facts of the case.

Reduce Costs

Spend time working on case context rather than working on record demands.

Secure Information

T-Scan partners with your firm to draft and service subpoenas to demand records your office needs.


The Power of T-Scan

Create a powerful subpoena process.


T-Scan verifies provider all contact information and service requirements.


T-Scan creates and drafts subpoenas detailing records required.


T-Scan creates a detailed subpoena calendar.


Subpoenas served.


Records are retrieved and stored within clients private library.


We Provide the Full Range of Services Required for Your Records


Record Retrieval

Our record retrieval services include research, retrieval, and unlimited follow-up with record providers.

  • Quickly access federal and state records and dockets
  • Retrieve protected and confidential records
  • Easily request admissible web content and social media 
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Document Production

We are a preferred document production partner for law firms and insurance adjusters.

  • We transport documents and preserve the chain of custody
  • Digitize physical files for preservation or storage
  • Produce trial graphics and exhibitions
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