Security and Compliance is Ever Evolving

T-Scan leads in data security and compliance by employing the finest technological tools and security architecture principles available. As a partner to your firm, T-Scan is counted on to handle and disseminate your information securely. Our team of experts are devoted to staying ahead of ever-evolving security and compliance requirements to keep your data and information safe at all stages of information retrieval.

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Compliance Architecture

T-Scan's Data Security and Compliance Architecture (DSCA) considers the required technical strategies and complex business challenges in preventing potential data breaches.

Response Plan

We have devoted time to develop a comprehensive architecture and response plan to protect client data in the event of a cyber attack.

DSCA Framework

Our DSCA framework is designed to safeguard data with five key areas of focus from corporate governance and IT practices to data breach identification and remediation.

Organization and Accessibility

T-Scan provides organization and secure on-demand access to all of your important records.

24/7 Availability

Your records are available 24/7 in our structured and organized database.

Secure Repository

Our secure repository minimizes time spent identifying and accessing key documents, providing you what you need, when you need it with peace of mind.

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We Provide the Full Range of Services Required for Your Records


T-Scan services are founded on the union of experienced and trained professionals with more than 150 years of cumulative record retrieval knowledge providing a foundation. Our security employs a strong architecture to where records are organized, accessible, and secure.

The results our our processes provide an unparalleled, cost-effective and efficient retrieval solution.

Resting on yesterday's security solution is not a viable option. Turn to T-Scan for an expert retrieval process and a secure experience to ease the minds of your firm.