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Record Retrieval

Our Record Retrieval group provides a national record retrieval service focused on overcoming all challenges associated with the records gathering business.
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Subpoena Services

Our Subpoena Team provides legal departments & law firms an efficient record procurement process via subpoena that can eliminate 99% administrative costs.
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Document Production

Our production team features  experienced project managers to coordinate and produce documents regardless of size of complexity.
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Get Records

The T-Scan HD Program delivers a National & Industry-Wide Solution to record retrieval problems shared by personal injury attorney firms, insurance defense firms and carrier/claims organizations. T-Scan HD routinely reduces records acquisition costs by over 75% and total record spend by over 85% when compared to competitors.



Learn How We Average 15.9 Days for Record Collection

Here's how we quickly retrieve protected information for you:

Place Order

Make it Simple. Log in to our secure site, click order records or contact your account specialist directly by email. Don’t have an account specialist assigned? Go to Order Records or contact us at or by phoning 800.285.1507. We will assign an account specialist and get to work.

Collect Records
Our retrieval team, the most experienced in the industry, gather secured, or public, records from around the world, from across the country or from just down the block.
Deliver Records

Records are organized and stored in our secure repository.

Organize & Store

Secure record delivery to your desktop.

Provide Access

With our repository, your team has 24/7, secure access.


Preferred Partner of Firms and Carriers

Enlist Experts

Our End-to Proprietary Platform allows us to adjust to unique customer processes and requirements, giving us some of the fastest turnaround time in the industry. T-Scan carries an industry leading 15.9 day average for record collection.

Reduce Costs

T-Scan's extensive experience in document building, signature gathering, and retrieval allows us to build efficient and cost-saving processes, such as HITECH Medical Record Retrieval® The T-Scan HD  Program is new, revolutionary, and reduces costs.

Secure Information

Our Data Security and Compliance Architecture (DSCA) is a framework to safeguard the data used for litigation support from a data security breach. Access T-Scan's services through a secure cloud portal that provides you 24/7 access and peace of mind provided by our first-in-class security.

Record retrieval should be simple, easy, and save you time and money.

Download our free T-Scan HD™ Program Guide to see exactly how we do that for you. 

T-Scan makes order out of chaos and frees me up to do my important work.
Jeanenne R.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive records?

We average 15.9 days for record collection and customers.

Who can access electronic files?

Our secure servers keep unwanted eyes out. Your firm is assigned a login identity and a password, allowing you to access the site at any time.

How do I order records?

Simply contact your account specialist directly by email, fax or letter. Or begin the process online here: Order Records.


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