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Seattle – T-Scan, one of the fastest-growing medical record retrieval companies in the U.S. with offices in Seattle and Southern California,  is excited to announce a newly-formed strategic technology partnership with Filevine, the Operating Core for Legal™ with over 20,000 firms and professional users worldwide. In this partnership, both companies share a vision of mutual collaboration, end-user success, and growth opportunities for years to come. 

Scott Tamfer, T-Scan CEO, states, “We have had our eye on Filevine for many years. Their end-to-end platform is essential for the modern law firm and our shared clients. Filevine’s focus and commitment to technology development and innovation are key to our continued growth, and we’re very appreciative of Filevine’s teamwork-minded approach to working with us."

“Filevine is in an incredibly unique position to disrupt and improve the way legal work gets done,” says Erik Bermudez, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Filevine. “Our consistent pursuit and mission to make the legal professional’s life better through technology and deep-rooted relationships with best-of-breed partners is what truly sets us apart. We always seek to partner with other like-minded companies, such as T-Scan, who share that same passion for collaboration, user success, and growth. We are excited about this partnership and the benefits it brings to our users.” 

About T-Scan

There is a fine line between genius and insanity. At T-Scan, we are never 100% sure which side we reside on. When it comes to record retrieval, we strive for straight A’s and we definitely geek-out. We admit it. Our service is powered by out-of-the-box thinking. Our obsession makes us awkward at parties. We are the retrieval nerds in a room full of posers. Our clients trust our pocket protector dedication to our passion, our nerdy desire to nail the details, and our constant rethinking of creative ways to solve the problem. We are the Professor of Record Retrieval. Learn more at www.tscan.biz.

About Filevine

Filevine is the cloud-based operating core management software of choice for tens of thousands of professionals across the globe. From its launch in 2015, Filevine’s values of innovative technology, award-winning design, and tailored configurability has led to its adoption as the new standard for Legal software. Filevine is built for the modern organization ready to achieve its next level of success in case management, client relationships, document management, and more. Learn more at www.filevine.com.


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