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Seattle – T-Scan, one of the premier workers’ compensation record retrieval service companies in the U.S. with offices in Seattle and Southern California, is excited to announce a newly-formed strategic technology partnership with Meruscase. Merus is the only comprehensive, intuitive, and cloud-based legal practice management system trusted by thousands of lawyers to manage cases, documents, billing, and beyond. In this partnership, both companies share a vision of mutual collaboration, end-user success, and growth opportunities for years to come.

Scott Tamfer, T-Scan CEO, states, “Given our work through our Express Copy Service subsidiary in Southern California, and our growing practice in the workers’ compensation field, we had one obvious choice that was a must to integrate with – Meruscase. In our workers’ compensation line of business, Meruscase was the dominant Legal Practice Management Platform with the most mature feature set, deepest customer base, and most well-known solution in this field. Their end-to-end platform is essential for any workers’ compensation law firm and offers our shared clients the best case management option in the industry. Merus’ focus and commitment to technology development and innovation are key to our continued growth and will make this integration a wild success."

“We have spent the last twelve years learning how to navigate the workers’ comp case workflow, designing key features based on “boots on the ground” client feedback, and applying that knowledge to eliminate the various repetitive tasks so firms can settle cases faster.” asserts Brian Milanese, Sales Director at MerusCase. “Teaming up with T-Scan and Express Copy Service dovetails directly with our shared passion in making law firms more productive, profitable, and, more importantly, efficient in getting their clients the financial and medical help they need. Their responsiveness, professionalism, and impeccable work product will be a welcomed addition to our selective partnerships.”

About T-Scan

There is a fine line between genius and insanity. At T-Scan, we are never 100% sure which side we reside on. When it comes to record retrieval, we strive for straight A’s and we definitely geek-out. We admit it. Our service is powered by out-of-the-box thinking. Our obsession makes us awkward at parties. We are the retrieval nerds in a room full of posers. Our clients trust our pocket protector dedication to our passion, our nerdy desire to nail the details, and our constant rethinking of creative ways to solve the problem. We are the Professor of Record Retrieval. Learn more at www.tscan.biz.

About Meruscase

MerusCase is the only cloud-based practice management system that brings a completely integrated case management platform in an all in one, HIPAA-compliant, and easy-to-use system that will work for your firm, regardless of size or law type. You can access Merus from any computer or mobile device worldwide, enjoy unparalleled speed, and experience de facto perfection with 99.9% uptime. Learn more at www.meruscase.com.

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