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T-Scan's retrieval group provides a national record retrieval service focused on overcoming all challenges found within the records gathering business all while reducing costs for the client. Our experts have decades of experience collecting records though the various state jurisdictions, the most challenging providers, and navigating the ever-changing technical landscape of social media. The platform not only provides superior service and support but is geared to guard against modern threats to personal information.


A Lesson From the Professor

At T-scan, intelligent record retrieval means the finest retrieval services and solutions in the industry. Period. Full Stop.

T-Scan’s record retrieval magic applies to public court records, protected information, and even social media. Rely on our experts, and the Professor, to bring you hard copies of what’s confidential or even on a phone screen, all the while ensuring that your captured content is secure, reliable, and 100% admissible.

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Public Court Records

BenchPress powered by Courttrax provides quick access to federal and state court record information and dockets retrieving records exclusively available through the clerk's office. Record types include Arrest Records, Speeding Tickets, Misdemeanors, Felonies, and more.

Enlist Experts

Garner the expertise and convenience of a single partner for assistance and billing related your record collection needs.

Reduce Costs

Reduce records costs by 70% by using T-Scan Personal HITECH Medical Record Retrieval® process.

Secure Information

Improve accuracy through standardized reports uniformly presenting information from various reporting systems. 

Protected Information

T-Scan retrieves HIPAA protected and other confidential records containing personally identifiable and sensitive information. Record types include medical, payroll, IRS, and more

Enlist Experts

Inject decades of knowledge and experience in collecting records with industry specialties, including Claims, Personal Injury Firms, Product Liability, Mass Torts, etc.

Reduce Costs

Repurpose time intensive tasks into more valuable activities.

Secure Information

Enhance access to records while guarding against modern information technology threats by storing records in the T-Scan document repository. 

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Social Media Records

T-Scan makes it easy to request web content collections—no matter the project size, frequency or file type. Record types include Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. 

Enlist Experts

Portray accurately what is on the screen allowing for professional-looking hard copy.

Reduce Costs

Redirect time spent monitoring web content on an on-going basis and only capture it when it changes.

Secure Information

Rest assured that captured content is reliable and admissible.


An Expert Process for the Exacting Professional

Simplify your work life.

Place Order

Simply go to Order Records and select the appropriate record type, or email your Account Specialist directly. If you are sending your order by fax or letter, please alert your account specialist.

If you don’t already have a dedicated account specialist, contact T-Scan at, or call 800.285.1507. We will assign for you an Account Specialist.

Collect Records

T‑Scan is proud of our ability to gather public or privately secured records from around the world, across the country, or just down the street.

Deliver Records

Our secure servers keep unwanted eyes out while providing your office secure 24/7 access.

Organize & Store

Records are organized and stored on our secure repository, saving our clients labor and tech costs.

Provide Access

With our repository, you have 24/7, secure access.


We Provide the Full Range of Services Required for Your Records

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The T-Scan Record Retrieval Program delivers a National & Industry-Wide Solution to record retrieval problems shared by personal injury attorney firms, insurance defense firms, and carrier/claims organizations. T-Scan routinely reduces records acquisition costs by over 75% and total record spending by over 85% when compared to competitors.


Subpoena Services

T-Scan Subpoena experts work in partnership with the client to create, draft, calendar and serve subpoena duces tecums retrieving records efficently while reducing client cost and time.

  • Reduce reliance on costly court runners
  • Avoid delays by leaving calendaring to us
  • Draft and serve subpoenas duces tecum
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Document Production

We are a preferred document production partner for law firms and insurance adjusters.

  • We transport documents and preserve the chain of custody
  • Digitize physical files for preservation or storage
  • Produce trial graphics and exhibitions
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