Meet Katherine Wesch

Hello, I'm Katherine "Kat" Wesch, and I'm proud to be a trusted member of the T-Scan team for the last 10 Years. Its pleasure serves as a retrieval partner/team member for paralegals, attorneys, and law firms nationwide. In my role, I bring a wealth of expertise, making me an essential asset to those who rely on my skills every day.

Where My Experience and Service Take Center Stage

Tenure: 10+ Years
Positions Held: Account Specialist, Account Assistant, Provider Communications Specialist
Specialties: Insurance Local Office, Mass Tort Defense

What do you believe allows your team and T-Scan standout from other service providers?

What sets our record retrieval service apart, especially for our customers in insurance defense and mass-tort is our commitment to consistency. In large offices or larges cases, we are able consistently streamline requests, manage date ranges, handle provider responses, and oversee record production with meticulous attention to detail. Meeting the specific needs of each case from beginning to end is our priority.

What are your thoughts on the current Release of Information landscape?

I want to highlight the human element in the retrieval process! I've been a part of T-Scan for over a decade and have experienced so many changes. Most of have them have been successful and positive but when things change too fast frustration can set in. Looking ahead to 2024, there are so many changes taking place with firms, hospitals and release of information companies. I want to work with great people who are willing to adapt, learn, and problem solver to create the best client experience.

What do you enjoy outside of your professional life?

Beyond my professional life, my passion lies in my dogs, Kita and Loki. They are my dedicated companions, bringing joy and liveliness to my home office. When you reach out for personal assistance, you might just hear the joyous barks of Kita and Loki in the background, diligently protecting my home office from the "dangerous" Amazon delivery drivers.