Easily Discover What Your Claimants Put Online.

T-Scan makes it easy to request web content collections—no matter the project size, frequency or file type. T-Scan, in partnership with Page Vault, enables you to request web and video capture from web pages and social media platforms, including:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Company Webpages
  • E-Commerce Pages
  • and more!

Built to Deliver Web Content to the Legal Community

Producing confidence in knowing that results are accurate and defensible: Paralegals, Attorneys, Legal Secretaries, Claims Adjustors, Investigators and more

enlist_experts Enlist Experts

  1. Save time spent checking websites for updates and let us capture web content on a recurring basis.
  2. Portray accurately what is on the screen allowing for professional-looking PDF printout.

reduce_costs Reduce Costs

  1. Receive a free quote within one business day.
  2. Highly responsive team ensures you capture what you need.

secure_informationsecure_information Secure Information

  1. Rest assured that captured content is reliable and admissible.
  2. Remove yourself from the evidence chain of custody by enlisting a trusted, third-party web page capture partner.
  3. Support your evidence with an affidavit.

Our experience with T-Scan the last few months and Johnny has been fantastic. Prompt responses, concise emails and outstanding follow up have defined our experience. 

Thank you for providing such excellent service.

Tina S.
Nurse Consultant, Seattle, WA

Do You Need Social Media Records?

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What Else Can You Build Your Case?


Protected Information

We retrieve HIPAA protected and other confidential records containing personally identifiable and sensitive information.

  • Inject decades of knowledge and experience in collecting records
  • Reduce records costs by up to 70%
  • Scale with your demand to ensure operational integrity
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Public Court Records

Request web and video capture from web pages and social media platforms.

  • Consolidate vendors and suppliers of information into one record partner
  • Retrieve data directly from the courts and avoid data warehouses
  • Utilize national court runner connections for documents exclusively available at courthouses
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