Record Retrieval is Important

T-Scan focuses on providing secure, efficient, cost-effective, and intelligent record retrieval with a team of experts knowledgeable in the complex details that record retrieval requires. Our experts have decades of experience collecting records through challenging providers, various state jurisdictions, and an ever-changing technical landscape. We provide superior service and an experienced support team geared toward one goal: Intelligent Record Retrieval. These efforts result in a national retrieval service focused on overcoming challenges that reduce costs for the client - both ours and yours. 

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The national average to collect a 100 page medical record is $142.00. How much does it cost your staff to do the work versus using a retrieval partner?

Dedicated Workforce

T-Scan employs a dedicated workforce to monitor and retrieve records, greatly reducing cost of record procurement.

Eliminate Costs

Our team assumes labor-intensive tasks related to retrieval and accounting services  for a more manageable and effective budget. 

HITECH Retrieval Program

Replace hourly labor costs and unknown provider costs with predicative price-per-record-modeling for finer case management cost predictors and analysis.


The average personal injury professional spends more than 200 hours per year dealing with medical records. How is your time best spent?

Enlist Experts

Retrieving records quickly and efficiently requires certain expertise with significant time resources to navigate the request and monitor the result.


Our record retrieval unit actively monitors multiple healthcare facilities to ensure records are retrieved quickly.


T-Scan reduces delays impacting scheduling, resolution and client satisfaction by ensuring regular weekly follow-ups for every record.

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Is your security technology aligned with industry best practices? What's your firm's exposure for mishandling information?

Best Security Tools

T-Scan utilizes the best security tools available to track record requests, retrieve records, and securely deliver records to your office ready for use.

Security and Compliance Architecture

Our well thought-out architecture takes all of the technical and business challenges associated with record retrieval into consideration.

Key Areas

T-Scan Data Security and Compliance Architecture focuses on several key areas, from corporate governance and IT practices to hosting continuity and availability, that ensure your corporate needs are being met.


We Provide the Full Range of Services Required for Your Records

T-Scan values your time and ensures quality from start to finish. This means leaving the record retrieval process up to us and allowing you to do what you do best. 

The results of our processes speak volumes including: lower invoices, quicker resolution, faster turnaround, increased case load, secure transaction and reclaimed labor time.