Make it Efficient. Make it T-Scan.

T-Scan's document production team features a single experienced project manager to coordinate and produce documents regardless of size or complexity. Our team has created stunning trial graphics, managed millions of pages of discovery & produced highly sensitive, high profile materials. The unique capability to take our team to off-site locations facilitates security and chain of custody assurances that set T-Scan apart from its competition.


A Lesson From the Professor

If a picture is worth a thousand words, we’ll make sure each one helps build your case.

Our team is obsessed with bringing you the best possible documents, files, imaging, trial graphics and court exhibits. We use a dedicated team of presentation experts to ensure that each of your visuals enhances your case strategy.

legal documents  

On-Site Imaging

Our onsite document production group takes the processing department on the road to protect chain of custody, sensitive information or accommodate facility protocol.

Enlist Experts

Allow our team to transport the equipment and technology required to produce even the most sensitive document collections.

Reduce Costs

Avoid costly trips to disparate facilities for document review.

Secure Information

Preserve the chain of custody for sensitive information.

Large Litigation

Our experts help you turn mountains of files/information into digital images for discovery or long term storage.

Enlist Experts

Delegate the task of organizing and codifying mountains of information to a team that has seen it all.

Reduce Costs

Minimize time to identify and access key documents.

Secure Information

Trust that documents are available, secure and accessible to your team.

  media duplication
trial exhbits  

 Trial & Court Exhibits

Our professionals work closely with you to produce visual trial graphics and other trial exhibits in a manner that best compliments your case strategy.

Enlist Experts

Employ a dedicated team of presentation experts.

Reduce Costs

Ensure a high quality production with out having vet multiple service providers.

Secure Information

Present with confidence.


Present With Confidence.

Efficiently manage your document productions.


T-Scan reviews and logs all documents and media.


T-Scan provides a comprehensive cost analysis.


T-Scan produces a test sample for review. Once client approves, project moves into full production.


Project delivered to client for final approval.


Project competed and a project copy stored in-house for 60 days.


We Provide the Full Range of Services Required for Your Records



Subpoena Services

We are a preferred deposition services partner for law firms and insurance adjusters.

  • Reduce reliance on costly court runners
  • Avoid delays by leaving calendaring to us
  • Draft and serve subpoenas duces tecum
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Record Retrieval

Our record retrieval services include research, retrieval, and unlimited follow-up with record providers.

  • Quickly access federal and state records and dockets
  • Retrieve protected and confidential records
  • Easily request admissible web content and social media 
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