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Seattle – T-Scan, a record retrieval service company with offices in Seattle and Southern California, is excited to announce their 2021 partnership with CaseWorks, a leading legal services support company. CaseWorks is one of the nation’s most trusted mass tort and litigation support firms and are noted for both their methodical preparation and development, as well as their deep commitment to service. This partnership brought together two of the leading names within the sector of mass tort and personal injury litigation.

Scott Tamfer, T-Scan’s CEO describes the partnership as “One of the few times that a partnership is truly greater than the sum of its parts. When you combine the efficiency and hyper-focus of T-Scan’s medical records retrieval with the incredible scalability of CaseWorks within the mass tort and personal injury space, you’re left with an immensely powerful integration and tool for any law firm or lawyer within that space. It’s a case of 1+1 = 3.”

“We already deliver medical records faster and more affordably than anyone on the market. Partnering with CaseWorks now allows us to go even further, with medical record reviews and summaries, and client diagnostic services. When used together and fully integrated, this partnership streamlines business operations, reduces costs, and fosters greater innovation and collaboration for our clients and customers.”

Similarly, CaseWorks founder and CEO Susan Barfield summarized the partnership as “A perfect opportunity for both T-Scan and CaseWorks to showcase the incredible value that this new arrangement will bring. At CaseWorks, we work with our clients to navigate and understand the complex and at times confusing administrative world of mass tort litigation. Medical record retrieval and management is a significant part of that. Everything they do at T-Scan is focused on getting medical records to clients quickly, accurately, and affordably. Ensuring that our clients receive their medical records on time and on-budget is an enormous strength for us, and T-Scan will play a major role in that.”

About T-Scan

There is a fine line between genius and insanity. At T-Scan, we are never 100% sure which side we’re on. When it comes to record retrieval, we strive for straight A’s and we definitely geek-out. We admit it. Our service is powered by out-of-the-box thinking. Our obsession makes us awkward at parties. We are the retrieval nerds in a room full of posers. Our clients trust our pocket protector dedication to our passion, our nerdy desire to nail the details, and our constant rethinking of creative ways to solve the problem. We are the Professors of Record Retrieval.

Learn more at www.tscan.biz.

About CaseWorks

One of the nation’s top mass tort and personal injury case management and support services, CaseWorks enables firms to rapidly scale their operations without hiring more staff or increasing overhead. CaseWorks’ team of attorneys, nurses, and other healthcare professionals performs this by taking on administrative tasks from coordinating diagnostic services, to managing client communications. Known for their dedicated teams and exceptional customer service, CaseWorks allows legal teams to focus their time and resources on their cases and arguments while CaseWorks takes care of the rest.

Learn more at https://yourcaseworks.com/

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