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Our world is full of incredible products and services that enrich our lives, from pharmaceutical drugs that treat and cure diseases to devices that save time and energy on tasks. At times though, these products and services have the potential for harm. While most cases of unlawful damage or injury are resolved without legal attention or action, there are cases in which a civil lawsuit based on tort or personal injury law is the only means for restitution. And if the degree, scale, or severity of damage is exceptionally high, multiple plaintiffs can group their combined claims into a single mass tort case.

In a mass tort case, many plaintiffs must prove that they received unlawful harm or damage. Because the threshold for proving injury requires the plaintiff to convincingly show that all parties were harmed in a similar way, medical record management and analysis play a crucial role. And records, of course, must first be retrieved before they can be examined and analyzed.

Unfortunately, retrieving medical records is an arduous task. On average, a records retrieval involves nine separate healthcare facilities and can cost as much as $250.00 for a single 100-page record. When you multiply that to accommodate a mass tort case (which often includes thousands of plaintiffs), you can see why filing a mass tort case is expensive and time-consuming.

In many instances, the success of a mass tort case relies on the firm or attorney’s ability to receive accurate, prompt, and affordable records.

How T-Scan’s Retrieval Solutions Save You Thousands of dollars and week in delivery

What is a law firm to do when filing a mass tort? With thousands of different plaintiffs, often spread across multiple states and regions, simply retrieving the necessary records can be prohibitively expensive. On top of that, records retrievals take the time and resources that mass tort teams simply don’t have.

Enter T-Scan’s medical record retrieval solutions. While they might not wear a mask and cape, T-Scan’s record retrievalists can swoop in to save the day. While other records retrieval companies do things the old fashion way, our T-Scan Labs created two ways to do it faster/better/cheaper. HITECH is back! At $6.50 a record, you can easily save more than $100,000 by retrieving 1,000 records with T-Scan. T-Scan’s HITECH retrievals can quickly pay for themselves for mass tort teams, where 1,000 records are just the tip of the iceberg. T-Scan’s EMR (electronic medical records) reduce record acquisition costs by 75% compared to competing vendors, and they can also help your team win their next mass tort case. One of the most common complaints regarding legal records retrievals is the time and resources it diverts away from the case. With your records arriving earlier than ever and without busting your budget, every minute spent retrieving is passed back to your team for higher-value tasks.

If you’re ready to learn more about how HITECH and EMR and how they can transform your mass tort cases, please reach to us thru the Professor at professor@tscan.biz.

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