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At T-Scan, our Lab is constantly working on the next advancement in the field of record retrievals. This spirit of discovery is what drives us to spend days at the drawing board and long nights deep within T-Scan Labs. At T-Scan, everything we do is centered on getting your records to you as quickly, accurately, and affordably as possible.

We put our heart and soul into searching for new solutions to make the record retrieval process even more efficient. We’re always striving for the perfect record retrieval, and it’s this pursuit of the immaculate that’s led us to our latest innovation.

We’re excited to announce that T-Scan now provides electronic medical records (EMR) within an entirely electronic workflow. Our new EMR system takes our highly successful HITECH system even farther and allows us to eliminate provider fees while we connect to your clients and providers. We love our HITECH system, but we believe you’ll grow to love our EMR even more.

Using EMR not only cuts down on overhead costs and provider fees, but it also significantly reduces the amount of time required for retrievals. Our EMR process delivers your records in a matter of days, not weeks. And it also reduces the burden on your teams. With EMR, there are no more calls, or working through the middleman. Instead, T-Scan takes on all those duties, letting you spend your resources on higher-value tasks and projects.

Whether you’re building a court case, or researching for a client, we’re dedicated to making the records retrieval process as seamless, simple, and easy for you as possible. We believe that as you use our EMR system, you’ll soon realize why we believe it’s our best solution yet.

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