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Seattle – March 12th, 2021 – T-Scan, a record retrieval service company with offices in Seattle and Southern California, is excited to announce their recent agreement to partner with SmartAdvocate, a legal case management software provider. SmartAdvocate is one of the nation’s top legal case management platforms and is noted for their native integrations with many different legal service products and tools. The ability to integrate with other legal products and platforms is a major advantage for both T-Scan and SmartAdvocate.

Scott Tamfer, T-Scan’s CEO states “One of the central advantages that T-Scan brings to law firms over other record retrieval services is our versatility. The ability to natively integrate with other platforms is a big part of that. For law firms who are already using one platform for case management, and another for handling clients, adding a different tool for record retrievals can add to their IT burden. Luckily, T-Scan natively integrates with many of the leading legal platforms, meaning our clients can access T-Scan within the same dashboard and without having to use another account and password. Our latest partnership with SmartAdvocate, one of the leading case management platforms in the country, is a great example of that”.

Likewise, SmartAdvocate’s CEO summarized the recent partnership as “a perfect example of how SmartAdvocate strives to fulfill each and every document management need that a law firm might have. At SmartAdvocate, we understand that each case requires handling many different records of varying categories. We understand that being able to retrieve medical records directly through the SmartAdvocate interface will save our clients precious time, money and energy that they’ll then be able to reinvest in their cases.”

About T-Scan

There is a fine line between genius and insanity. At T-Scan, we are never 100% sure which side we’re on. When it comes to record retrieval, we strive for straight A’s and we definitely geek-out. We admit it. Our service is powered by out-of-the-box thinking. Our obsession makes us awkward at parties. We are the retrieval nerds in a room full of posers. Our clients trust our pocket protector dedication to our passion, our nerdy desire to nail the details, and our constant rethinking of creative ways to solve the problem. We are the Professors of Record Retrieval. Learn more at www.tscan.biz.

About SmartAdvocate

One of the nation’s top case management tools, SmartAdvocate is a fully-integrated case management system built by lawyers for lawyers. Completely customizable, with robust reports and dashboards to track all case and firm operational details, SmartAdvocate helps make its clients more efficient and more profitable. The system features exclusive tools, such as Intake Scoring, WorkPlans, and Automated Procedures as well as the ability to integrate with a wide variety of different document management and legal tools. With a responsive Support team and continual software releases, SmartAdvocate provides the legal case management software solution to help your firm grow.

Learn more at www.smartadvocate.com

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Scott Tamfer

Scott Tamfer

Scott Tamfer is founder, owner, and active chief operations officer of T-Scan Corporation. Since its inception in 2002 is both proud and thankful to see the company grow from a small "mom & pop" to regional powerhouse to national leader in record retrieval.

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