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T-Scan means intelligent record retrieval. When confronted with a problem, The Professors of Record Retrieval and our team of intrepid experts find solutions.

Under our original HITECH concept, which debuted in 2012, T-Scan helped clients save over $1M in unnecessary provider fees. In 2020 the court case CIOX v. Azar removed the ability for patients to direct records to a third party with the HITECH pricing. The CIOX v Azar decision had other retrieval companies throwing up their hands and saying, “Oh, well.” At T-Scan we dug in our heels and said, “Well, actually…”

Our team went right back to the drawing board to come up with a new solution. And while HITECH 2.0 took work, some whiteboarding, tests, coffee, long days, longer nights, and even a few testy words. In the end, we had the technology, and we had the capability. We rebuilt T-Scan’s HITECH Personal Medical Record Retrieval process to be even stronger, faster, and better.

HITECH never went away. To retrieve records via HITECH just took a little thought and a lot of expertise. At T-Scan we believe that retrieving records electronically is a patient’s right. We see it as our mission to remind providers it is the patient’s right to access records electronically at reasonable costs. Expertise, thought, and tenacity is in our DNA. We do not give up. We do not throw in the towel. What we do is go get records. It is literally our job.

With HITECH Personal Medical Record Retrieval, providers are required to release a patient’s records via HITECH. At $6 a record, the total savings roughly average $100,000 on 1,000 records when compared to standard industry per page fees.

At T-Scan intelligent record retrieval means the finest retrieval services and solutions in the industry. Period. Full Stop.

If you think HITECH is impossible, you have not met T-Scan. HITECH is here, only at T-Scan.

For more information, please reach out to professor@tscan.biz

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