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As the Professors of Record Retrieval, we know the complexities and challenges involved in providing cost-effective, reliable and expert retrieval experience to demanding professionals. From late night brainstorming sessions to rapid project completion, we’re proud to be the straight-A partners that don’t rest until your team has the information you need.

Located in the heart of Seattle’s fishing fleet district, in a warehouse building not like Avengers Headquarters in any way, are the world renown, secure, T-Scan Labs. There, working through the night, sit a group of highly motivated, eerily intelligent, focused experts known as The Professors.

Here, the Headmaster and this team of retrieval super-brains, develop solutions to age-old problems:

  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Retrieval Efficiency
  • Elite Service
  • Easier to Open Pickle Jars

The latest innovation from the lab is our Personal HITECH Retrieval Protocol. Much like Iron Man yet different in every way, The Professors continue to save clients, and their clients, 100s of thousands of dollars in unnecessary provider fees every hour, every day, every month, every---well, always.

No matter your retrieval challenge, with the T-Scan Professors working in the lab, you can’t fail. Let our team share our record retrieval super-powers with yours to reduce time, effort, and costs, making you the personal super-brain to your clients.

Stop by for the pickles, stay for the service.

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The T-Scan team: experts at reducing record retrieval costs and securing information.

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