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There are two kinds of people in the world.

Those who spend every waking moment trying to improve the legal records retrieval process, and those who don’t. You can probably guess which ones we are.

At T-Scan, everything we do is singularly focused on getting you your records quickly, accurately and on-time. It’s why we’re on the cutting edge of document retrieval and processing trends, and why we’ve recently established T-Scan Labs.

Personal HITECH Medical Record Retrieval

One of our latest T-Scan Lab concoctions is our Personal HITECH Medical Records Retrieval. Medical record retrievals are a time-consuming, expensive and personal aggravating process. The national average to collect a 100-page medical record is $94.33. In a lengthy court case those invoices can add up. That’s why we’ve worked with HITECH to bring that same medical record request down to $6.50 as well as saving you time and stress.

Finally, sometimes the best way to help you with your record retrieval experience is simply giving you more time. At T-Scan, our deferred payments allow you to focus on the important things – your cases, while we handle your records retrievals. Under deferred payments, you can wait until your court case is fully resolved before addressing payment for your retrievals.

Deferred payments and HITECH Medical Records Retrievals are just a sampling of what’s to come from the T-Scan Labs. Our passion and energy is devoted to inventing new solutions at the intersection of technology, service and geekiness to bring you your records.

That's why we're the professors of record retrieval


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