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The unexpected arrival of COVID-19 has required legal departments nationwide to rapidly shift, adopting remote work and adjusting to a new “normal” defined by technology. As firms work to cut overhead costs and improve efficiency, the use of online litigation support services provides an opportunity to future-proof against uncertainty. For legal departments seeking immediate solutions to their changing environments, online services are becoming key to maintaining business continuity.

Retrieving Records from the Safety of Home

When court closures and other critical business operations are impeded by current safety measures, it’s important to understand your options. Online record retrieval services help legal professionals overcome the challenges of remote work by eliminating the need for physical court visits. With the right partner, professionals can gain quick access to essential case building documents and retrieve everything from HIPAA protected information to public court and social media records, all from the comfort of home.

T-Scan’s national record retrieval platform provides the necessary expertise to support legal firms throughout the entire retrieval process. Our experts make retrieving records simple to accomplish from any place, at any time, and rely on decades of experience to simplify and expedite the retrieval process.

Partnering with the experts in record retrieval also provides another important advantage not to be overlooked: reducing record costs.

Reduce Costs with Efficient and Transparent Processes

As industries focus on minimizing overhead costs in response to COVID-19, online litigation services help reduce the hard cost of record retrieval by removing the burdensome task of necessary follow-up.

T-Scan’s highly trained professionals understand the complexity of record retrieval and reduce delays by ensuring regular weekly follow-ups on every record. Our dedicated workforce assumes the labor-intensive tasks of retrieval and provides price-per-record modeling to ensure a manageable and effective budget, supporting organizations when they need it most.

Review Your Records Any Time with 24/7 Access

In today’s current remote work environment, the needs of clients are changing. An increasingly distributed workforce relies on flexibility and on-demand access to important records wherever and whenever they are needed.

T-Scan services are founded on a secure record repository with 24/7 availability. Our secure platform puts your security first with the finest tools and security architecture available, keeping your data safe during all stages of retrieval.

During a time of uncertainty, our record retrieval platform is prepared to help bridge the challenges of today while saving you time and costs tomorrow. Remove unpredictability and customize the ideal experience for your firm with a team you can depend on.

That's the T-Scan way.

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