T‑Scan can help you with all aspects of document production, from the simple to the complex, such as X-ray reproductions.

  • Color copies
  • On-site services
  • Export/load files
  • Microfiche conversion

X-Ray Copy & Conversion

T‑Scan can reproduce both hard-copy films and digital films provided on CD. All hard-copy X-ray reproductions are developed in our secure, on-site darkroom.

We can also convert hard-copy X-rays received from the provider to digital images, making them easier to store, easier to send to experts, and easier to translate into exhibits.

Media Duplication

T‑Scan can reproduce media in whatever format is most useful for you. We can convert audio and mini tapes to CD and convert VHS to DVD. Multiple copies can be produced at one time for the use of multiple parties.

Enlarge and Mount

T‑Scan makes exhibits quick and easy. We can take virtually any image, whether black and white or color, enlarge it up to 48 inches and mount it onto foamcore board for your trial exhibits.

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