Custom medical record summaries save you time and money.

Experienced medical litigation paralegals prepare summaries containing all the pertinent medical and billing information, sorted by provider and document number.

T-Scan prepares the summaries so that your firm is fully prepared to negotiate a settlement, examine a witness based on the facts, or go to trial, as well as avoid any pitfalls or surprises buried in the records.

Simply specify how you’d like the summary customized, and T-Scan provides you with an at-a-glance timeline that allows the story to be told in one concise document.

T-Scan summaries include a review of every page of medical records and identification of:

  • Pre- and Post-existing Conditions and Accidents
  • All Providers
  • Complaints and Diagnoses
  • Medications
  • Employment
  • Billing Subtotals and Grand Totals
  • Consistency of Claimant’s Statements

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