We know where your records are—and so will you.

With our proprietary and easy-to-use online portal, you get full transparency and know where your record retrieval order is at all times. It’s no wonder that the legal community loves our portal! Nowhere else can you get instant answers about the status of your requests in such a transparent system that offers unparalleled ease of use.

BenchPress™. Your gateway to national records.

T‑Scan’s partnership with CourtTrax brings you BenchPress—a research tool for court records throughout the United States, including Federal and local jurisdictions. BenchPress allows you to search for the document you need and, when available, immediately download it to your desktop.  You pay only for your use.  No long-term commitments!

Your personal account manager is always on call.

Among all our unique services, the time-saving, money-saving personal account manager is one of our clients’ favorites. You have a go-to person who can always be reached by phone. It’s like having a problem-solving, work-saving hotline just for your firm! This personalized service and our high-tech support are unique features that set T‑Scan apart from other record retrieval companies.

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