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T‑Scan delivers the sensitive, complex, and even just weird.

When it comes to records, there is no challenge too great for T‑Scan. We can handle them all, including those that are extremely difficult to navigate. Plus, T‑Scan offers digital copies as well as paper copies of records, saving considerable time otherwise spent copying and distributing files.

Record Retrieval

Our record retrieval services include research, retrieval, and unlimited follow-up with record providers (including unlimited faxes and long-distance telephone calls), all for one flat fee. Status updates are delivered through T‑Scan’s online portal. And with a dedicated point of contact, communications between you and T‑Scan will always be up to date.

Film List Retrieval

T‑Scan’s film list retrieval includes service to the radiology department, a verified list of available films from the provider, dates of images, types of images, provider cost estimate, and a detailed list of formats available from the provider, plus unlimited follow-up and faxes.

Expedited Requests

T‑Scan expedites requests when needed, including a telephone call every 24 to 48 hours, availability of T‑Scan messengers and copiers and unlimited faxes.

Record Control & Verification

These services include quality control, verification of correct records, record log and tracking, accounting services, security, electronic delivery, distribution lists and tracking, dedicated repository space, 24/7 access to records, document shredding, and unlimited downloads.

Record Processing

Our record processing services include basic sorting, Bates numbering, scanning, conversion, optical character recognition (OCR), storage hosting and quality control.

Sorting & Tabbing

This service sorts your records by ascending chronology and document type, allows unlimited tabs and includes review and quality control.

Microfiche Conversion

We can index microfiche plates, convert microfiche images, and scan and store the images, plus provide quality control.

Stipulation Preparation

Includes stipulation preparation and delivery to counsel with the signature acquisition, plus unlimited follow-up and faxes.

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