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The Results: 

  • 34.1% reduction in cost per claim file
  • 35.4% reduction in record turnover

The Challenge: 

In managing and litigating injury claims, one of the largest property and casualty insurance carriers in the country retrieves thousands of sensitive documents from records custodians across the country every week.

Initially, the insurer’s legal offices were responsible for retrieving these documents. However, in an effort to control retrieval costs, the company transferred responsibility to the claims department, a move that created unintended and costly problems.

Legal offices lost visibility into the status of incoming records. They did not know which records had been ordered when they would be released, or, in some cases, if the records had been requested at all. This made it difficult for the legal team to meet mandated deadlines.

The claims department lacked expertise in jurisdictional requirements necessary to order records efficiently. Most importantly, they simply did not have the resources to retrieve, organize, process, and produce thousands of records per week on behalf of legal offices across the country. As a result, cases were suffering significant delays in being resolved.

The Solution:

Prior to the reassignment of retrieval responsibilities, the insurer’s legal offices had worked with T-Scan Corporation, a national record retrieval leader based in Seattle, Washington. With T-Scan’s proven expertise, exceptional track record, and deep knowledge of the insurer’s needs, we were asked to step in.

T-Scan assembled a retrieval team with thorough knowledge of the insurer’s specific jurisdictional and organizational requirements and became the centralized source for record retrieval, tracking, and information distribution. The claims department now submits orders through T-Scan, which handles all the required communication with custodians along with accounting services and record processing tasks.

Throughout the retrieval process, T-Scan provides timely information to both claims and legal, including cost analyses, HIPAA requirements, deadline predictions, detailed status updates, and issue reports. Additionally, the claims department and the legal offices have end-to-end visibility into record disposition using the T-Scan customer portal.

Keys to Success:

Using T-Scan, the insurer saved time and money and gave legal and claims workers more time to focus on adjudicating losses. In a short time, the insurer has expanded their use of T-Scan fivefold, from two states to ten, adding new adjusters and legal firms to the service every month.

Operational Accountability

T-Scan assigned an Account Specialist to manage and handle all customer communications. With the support of an experienced team, all workflow and communication are able to route through a single point of contact. The organization's claims and legal professionals were provided the consistent record retrieval knowledge and expertise allowing them to operate more confidently and efficiently regarding record-centric tasks.

Lower Costs and Faster Retrieval

Communication with stakeholders has been greatly streamlined. Once the record is received, T-Scan can provide copies to opposing counsel, experts, or other parties within seconds of a request. The insurer reports that improved efficiency gained by using T-Scan Record Retrieval has reduced records cost by 34.1% per claim file. The specialized knowledge and efficient systems used by T-Scan have cut retrieval time down by over 35.4%. T-Scan has been proven to save time and money.

Enhanced Accuracy

Prior to partnering with T-Scan, errors in record requests caused significant delays in the retrieval process. At T-Scan, record retrieval experts check each request for accuracy. If there are issues that could cause delays, T-Scan proactively contacts the insurer to solve the problem before the request is sent to the provider, eliminating days or potentially weeks of delays. If records are being requested through the use of a subpoena, T-Scan drafts all necessary documents in accordance with state or federal rules verifies subpoena language and acquires signature from the legal office when required.

Detailed Tracking

T-Scan uses a proprietary task management system to ensure that each record is tracked from the moment the request is made to final delivery. Each task is tracked as it happens, including submittal to the custodian, payment of retrieval fees, and follow-up communication. The insurers’ employees can access real-time status reports through T-Scan’s secure online client portal, or receive push notifications of status. Now, the legal office always knows the status of record requests so they can schedule depositions, retain experts, meet court deadlines and anticipate any potential issues.

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