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It may seem an odd thing to say but the records retrieval business is in reality a people's business. As the field gets ever more interconnected with concerns around data security and privacy, and the multifaceted complexity of a globalized world, it’s easy to forget that behind all that data is a person.

At T-Scan, we have a culture that values not only the person whose records are being collected but also the person who asked T-Scan to assist and the person in our building retrieving records. We strive to be partners to our clients. Ours is not just a service. At times we act as a cruise director ensuring the passengers have the best experience available on this journey. Other times, we are the stoic workers troubleshooting and working to create an aid to assisting our clients in meeting their own goals. In all of these scenarios, the companion archetype is the essence of our company culture.

Here are the cornerstones of our company culture:


The companion is a trusted support person who can be relied upon to lend a helping hand. We believe in each person’s value, our employees and our clients, and we show that every day by offering assistance, order, and a sense of belonging. 

As your companion, your successes are our successes.


Detail Orientation

In a progressively distracted culture, we know that each detail is essential. Attention to detail is the core of our business process, but  it also plays a key role in our relationships with our clients. We listen, take notes, and take care to deliver to you the best service; one that is attuned to your needs. A trusted companion pays attention to the details to what you need. We cultivate partnerships, not just deliverables. 



When you are in the thick of a hairsplitting project, and the stress is running high, you need someone by your side who is determined to help you achieve success. If it weren’t for Sam, Frodo would not have been able to reach Modor in the Lord of the Rings. Sam’s determination was just as crucial as Frodo’s courage. Your project may not be about destroying the ring of Sauron, but in its way, each project is akin to a journey towards Modor, full of trials and tribulations. Determination, persistence and our mutual partnership are what helps us get there --together. 



Because of our partnership with our clients, we offer practical solutions that fit actual concerns, not just a blanket solution that isn’t aligned with the specific situation. Practical solutions need to be aligned with attention to detail and loyalty to what is best to the client’s situation, not just something that will reduce costs, yet not serve in the long run. It’s a combination of creative troubleshooting and determination to find the best action that will lead to success in the long-term.



Although our culture seems to value velocity above all else, we believe the trust in relationships takes time and patience. The problems we face collectively needs patience to be solved, as complexity requires a cool-head that only trust and patience can deliver. Patience doesn’t mean things are done slowly, but it means that they are approached with a mastery of time and understanding that a short-term solution may not serve long-term. Patience knows that what is built isn’t just for now; it’s for the future too. 

Plus patience and understanding is in short demand in the world right now and in how we treat our fellow humans. Here at T-Scan we believe that we aren’t just in the business of records retrieval, we are in the business of people. At T-Scan we strive to deliver more than a service; we aim to be your companion, your partner, in the work you do. 

For us, building partnerships with our clients is what fuels our company and culture. Want a partner that brings in loyalty, attention to detail, determination and patience to help you with your projects?

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