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Whether your case requires retrieval of private medical records, social media records or public records, the retrieval process can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. When a subpoena is required to retrieve information, the process can seem overwhelming.

This detailed work is required just to begin gathering information to prove or defend your case. By removing the research, drafting, scheduling, service, and procurement of subpoenaed records, T-Scan is able to elevate 99% of the administrative time and costs associated with retrieving documents.

If you choose to tackle procuring records via subpoena, we recommend having the following prepared in advance:

  • An understanding of where to request records from
  • An understanding of the provider’s accepted subpoena service protocols
  • A thorough understanding of the jurisdictional subpoena requirements
  • Specific details of demanded records
  • A detailed subpoena calendar in place adhering to local rules
  • A process in place for serving the subpoenas
  • A process in place to securely protect and store records
  • Time, lots and lots of time

T-Scan’s subpoena experts work in partnership with our clients to create, draft, calendar and serve subpoena duces tecums, efficiently retrieving records while reducing overall cost and time to the firm and the clients of the firm.

By assuming responsibility for the entire subpoena process from beginning to end, we use best practices and experienced techniques to avoid unnecessary trips or duplicative, time-consuming tasks reducing costs. We focus on maintaining and tracking a detailed calendar of events, relay, and coordinate those events to our clients providing all stakeholders with a clear understanding of mandated timelines and expectations. This helps our clients stay focused on the case while avoiding missed deadlines or service delays.

Whether you choose to tackle subpoenaing records yourself or engage a records partner to help, one thing stays consistent: the process is time-consuming. By choosing a partner to streamline the process with a proven record in working with organizations across multiple jurisdictions with voluminous demands, we provide your team the valuable time to focus on winning the case rather than on just getting the information to start.

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