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Record retrieval is critical. Thoroughly understanding HIPAA and HITECH requirements eliminates delays, pitfalls, and frustrations associated with retrieving sensitive information. All of us involved in claims and litigation have been known to be just a tad busy--to say the least. An average case contains nine separate providers from whom records must be gathered. In general, each record request takes about an hour to complete. So, finding time to brush up on HIPAA or HITECH, or even just learn best practices, takes time away from the actual retrieval, perhaps, even affecting the outcome of the case.

But, hey, we have an idea—actually it is more than an idea. We have been doing this for years actually.

We all have to eat, or at least most of us have to eat. So, studies show that we all learn better when we are eating. Okay, we are not really sure there is a study that says that but there should be. We will bring the information you need to know regarding retrieving records---along with lunch.

It is T-Scan’s job to be a leader in understanding retrieval related regulations. It is our commitment to make sure your firm is informed of the process, provide guidance, insight, and ensure your records retrieval process is systematic and speedy.

Okay, providing lunch is technically not our job…but, we like lunch, so…

The T-Scan Lunch & Learn program is designed to offer an opportunity to quickly bring your team up to speed on regulatory changes that may be impactful and also to answer questions about the records retrieval process…and have lunch.

We chat. We eat. We learn. We eat. The T-Scan team will take time with your team to review some of the most important and timely compliance topics that should be on your radar if they’re not already.

HIPPA Matters:

HIPAA related authorizations can be confusing. They do not have to be. There are critical compliance protocols that need to be in place to be effective. We will be happy to go through the protocols and just make sure your authorizations meet the requirements.

HITECH Matters:

While HIPAA is focused on the administrative provisions, patient privacy rights, and security controls for health and medical records and other forms of protected health information (PHI), HITECH assures the patient’s right to access their own health information at an affordable cost.

Experience Matters:

T-Scan’s extensive knowledge regarding HIPAA, HITECH and jurisdictional regulations throughout the country makes our service a true expert-partner to our clients and their clients. T-Scan developed the T-Scan HD Program to fulfill one central purpose: provide a retrieval experience that reduces record retrieval spend and ensures providers fulfill the patient’s right to access the record affordably during a claims or litigation process just when it is needed the most.

Lunch Matters:

We know the success of every case depends on many factors and that receiving inaccurate records could either make or break a case. That's why for over 20 years we've been leading the industry in efficient retrieval practices and education. We also know lunch is an important meal. Sure, it is not breakfast; it is not dinner. It is lunch! And, it gets us out of the office. We love lunch. Is there a more perfect food than a tasty sandwich? I mean talk about your food groups. We're also eager to meet you over lunch. We can also set up a WebEx presentation at your convenience….but, then, you don’t get to see us eat.

Why T-Scan:

Because T-Scan cut its teeth in the court reporting business, we gained a different perspective on the record retrieval industry than others. As a result, T-Scan has evolved into the industry leader in record retrieval. Dedicated to remaining at the forefront of technology and service, T-Scan offers the latest in record retrieval methods, document production, and service. The goal is to define the standard for the industry. That’s why.

Interested in scheduling a Lunch & Learn? Visit our website HERE and let's get lunch on the books!

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