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“What do you do for a living?”

“I’m a Specialist at T-Scan.”

“Oh, okay…what does that mean?

This is routinely how a conversation goes when we tell people what we do here at T-Scan. In its simplest terms, you could say a Specialist is an account manager: we are liaisons between our clients and the company.

Sounds simple enough, right? But, if you were to really ask us, or ask any of our clients for that matter, we would tell you when it comes to customer service, there’s a big difference between being an account manager and being a T-Scan Specialist.


Retrieval Specialists in Today’s Automated World

We live in a time where information and communication are at our fingertips. You could be listening to a cooking podcast or watching an instructional video while looking up recipes and ordering ingredients – all without ever leaving your desk. With all that readily available access and technology, why then does it feel so difficult sometimes to get the help you need?

Customer service as it is today, has been reduced down to phone trees and automated responses. The probability of getting a human to reply to you on the phone or in emails seems to decrease with every “press this button” option given, and each “thank you for contacting us” robot-message received.

Record retrieval is no different; it is after all a business. And, like with any business, retrieval companies can sink in to the same pitfalls as any other. Large companies buy smaller boutique companies and turn them in to assembly-line-like factories that churn out responses regardless of circumstance or validity.

Are you ready for the part where we tell you T-Scan is different? Good, because we are, and we will.

Customer Service that Actually Serves the Customer

Let’s look at the classic account manager to client relationship.

Typically, when a client is assigned an account manager, you interact with that person frequently during the initial on-boarding process. They might fly out to meet you and your team and set up weekly calls to check in, but after you are fully set-up, they begin to fade into the background. Maybe you even get quarterly meetings or bi-monthly calls, but for the most part they are the face behind the curtain you only hear from them when there is a problem. Day-to-day interactions are with random members of their team, or executed through some self-driven online process only.

That’s not us.

As your Specialist, we are your main point of contact for the entire life of your account with T-Scan. When you reach out, your Specialist is the one answering the phone and returning your emails – no automation or outsourcing needed. We are here to be an extension of your team so you always have a foot in the race when it comes to record retrieval.


Stop Worrying About “Quirks”

Requesting records from providers should be an easy process. However, anyone who has requested records knows that often it can be anything but easy.

Sometimes you cannot locate the provider because they have retired or sold their business.

Some providers require a specific authorization to release records.

A provider might require a subpoena to be served instead of an authorization.

They could overcharge you for the cost of records, because the facility is unfamiliar with state copy rates or HITECH regulations.

They might even reject your authorization because of certain required HIPAA language, or only release part of your records instead of everything you requested…the list, as you can imagine, goes on and on.

All of those – let’s call them provider “quirks” – are not for you to remember or even have think about. Those quirks are for us to navigate, handle, and execute for you. We’re the experts so you don’t have to be.

A T-Scan Specialist as the retrieval assistant you never knew you needed – our job exists to make yours easier.

Have a doctor who never seems to be in their office? Don’t worry, we’ll call them every day for you.

Need x-rays duplicated and delivered to another party? Just tell us when and where.

Need deposition subpoenas drafted and served to all parties? Piece of cake.

Need a court reporter to go with those? No problem.

Need a lunch break away from your desk for once? We’ll be right over.


Your Person

Account managers often have the directive to ‘keep the client happy.’ And make no mistake, when it comes down to it, we want all our clients to be happy.

Our definition of “happy” is what makes us different. We are your assistant, expert and boots on the ground when it comes to record retrieval. That means any question you have, task you need executed or problem you need tackled, we are here and happy to take that off your plate.

Our job has one directive: deliver what you need. Rest assured if we are not meeting that expectation, you won’t need to ‘press 3 to speak with a representative.’

The easiest way to describe what a Specialist does at T-Scan is to say we are your account managers. However, the way we like to say it here at T-Scan is – we are your person.



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Beth Clough

Beth Clough

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