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If your office retrieves records, you know there are three facts inherent in gathering personally identifiable information:

Medical record retrieval can be expensive.

The national average to collect a 100 page medical record is $94.33. How much does it cost your staff to do the work versus utilizing a retrieval partner?

Medical record retrieval is time consuming.

According to reputable industry survey the average personal injury professional spends over 200 hours per year dealing with medical records. How much time does a busy litigation professional spend collecting them? Are your labor resources best used collecting and organizing records? Does your vendor have the bandwidth to absorb your workload?

Medical record retrieval requires stringent security technology.

Is your security technology aligned with industry best practices? What’s your firm’s exposure for mishandling information? What security is in place with your vendor?

Why T-Scan?

Some legal vendors serve up a smorgasbord of services, which is precisely the problem a firm is trying to solve when outsourcing retrieval in the first place. T-Scan focuses on providing secure, cost-effective, efficient, and intelligent record retrieval with experts knowledgeable in the many complex details record retrieval requires.

Record retrieval is a highly detail-oriented, time-consuming task involving extremely sensitive information. It is a task for a vendor fully dedicated to record retrieval. T-Scan provides a national retrieval service focused on overcoming challenges found within retrieval while reducing costs for the client-- ours and yours.

Our experts have decades of experience collecting records though various state jurisdictions, challenging providers, and an ever-changing technical landscape. T-Scan provides superior service and an experienced support team geared toward one goal: Intelligent Record Retrieval. We focus on providing cost-effective, efficient, and secure record retrieval.


When using T-Scan the firm employs a dedicated workforce to monitor and retrieve records via greatly reducing cost of record procurement. By assuming the labor-intensive tasks of retrieval and accounting services, creating and sticking to a case a budget becomes more manageable and effective. The hourly labor cost is eliminated, the excessive, unknown provider costs can be eliminated though our HITECH retrieval program and replaced with predicative price-per-record-modeling resulting in a finer case management cost predictors and analysis.


Retrieving medical records quickly and efficiently takes a certain expertise with significant time resources to navigate the record request and monitor the result. Follow-up is just one key component to gathering information quickly. The average personal injury claim requires records from 9 separate healthcare facilities. If the firm handles just ten cases concurrently that is ninety separate medical records requests to actively monitor to ensure records are retrieved quickly.

The alternative is to not monitor the requests. Not monitoring a retrieval request causes delays impacting scheduling, resolution and client satisfaction. To ensure regular weekly follow-ups a staff member would be required to make 90 or more follow-up attempts each week. If each follow-up were only 10 minutes, that is 15 hours a week just searching for records, all while trying to perform more pressing functions such as summaries, expert witness coordination, document creation and drafting, and court filings on ten different cases.


T-Scan has the best security tools available to track the record request, retrieve the record, and deliver the record securely to your office in an organized manner, ready for use. T-Scan’s Data Security and Compliance Architecture takes into consideration the technical as well business challenges associated with the record retrieval process. We have taken the time to develop a well-thought-out overall architecture.

Our Data Security and Compliance Architecture focuses on several key areas:

  • Corporate Governance and IT Practices
  • Technology and Architecture
  • Hosting Continuity and Availability
  • Data Breach Identification and Remediation

Enlist the Experts

T-Scan Record Retrieval takes the responsibility of record retrieval from start to finish off staff. At T-Scan, our highly-trained professionals have the expertise, the time, to regularly follow-up with the record custodians, deliver records and reduce procurement costs.

The results speak volumes: Lower Invoices, Faster Turnaround, Quicker Resolution, Increased Case Load, Staff Reclaims Labor Time, Secure Transactions.

A personal injury professional has numerous tasks to focus on in claim resolution. Spending hours trying to find documents should not be one of them. T-Scan provides an expert retrieval process and a custom experience for the exacting professional.

We are the retrieval experts – it is intelligent record retrieval. It is T-Scan.


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Scott Tamfer

Scott Tamfer

Scott Tamfer is founder, owner, and active chief operations officer of T-Scan Corporation. Since its inception in 2002 is both proud and thankful to see the company grow from a small "mom & pop" to regional powerhouse to national leader in record retrieval.

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